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Specialist Erotic Massage Services for Women in London

Nude woman with blonde hair.

The Erotic Massage Experience

Experience the most sensual full body massage you could ever imagine. My hands running over your entire body, from head to toe. Caressing you and serving your every want and desire.

The Yoni Massage Experience

Experience the orgasmic delight of a Tantric Yoni Massage. Feel the waves of orgasms roll over your entire body and take full control. You will feel totally helpless as orgasm, after orgasm makes you ejaculate time, and time again. This is a very intense experience.

Woman with brunette hair lying on a bed, wearing lingerie.
Happy woman lying on a bed.

The Cunnilingus Experience

Relax and feel pampered as I slowly lick your vagina to orgasms. Feel my tongue enter you, then roll up to flick your clit with the tip. This is most definitely an experience that will drive you crazy with sexual delight. I guarantee you the very best cunnilingus you will ever experience.

The Blowjob Experience

Do you need practice giving blowjobs? Do you simply just love sucking cock? If so, this experience is for you. I will lay back and give you full control over me for you do enjoy the feeling of a large penis in your mouth until ejaculation.

Woman holding a banana simulating oral sex.
Woman having an orgasm.

The Multi-Orgasmic Experience

This is otherwise known as, 'The Full Service'. Here you get anything, and everything you desire. From a full body massage, to oral sex, to full orgasmic sex that is guaranteed to make you cum back for more ;)

The Anal Experience

Are you a woman who loves anal sex? Are you a woman who has never tried anal sex, but would love to know how it feels? Perhaps you've always felt too shy to ask a partner for anal sex, or you just have many questions surrounding the techniques involved? If so, be shy no longer. Contact a caring Male Escort for Women, who really knows what do to, in order to give you pleasure.

Woman wearing a black thong, showing her bum.
Strong, athelitic woman flexing her bicep. She is wearing a pink sports bra.

The Femdom Experience

Have you ever wanted to be in control of a man for the day? Do you fantasise about ordering a man to do whatever you desire in the bedroom? Now is your chance to sexually dominate me! You can sit on my face and order me to pleasure you in any way you desire. Ride me, until you can't stop cumming over me. You are in complete control, and I am here to serve you.

The BDSM Experience

Are you a submissive woman who wants to be dominated in the bedroom? Are you a boss in real life, who always has to take charge at work, but wants to know how it feels to be sexually dominated? If so, this experience is for you. I am a true alpha male who will take control of your mind and body, whilst I use you for my own satisfaction. But, worry not! You are going to also experience the meaning of massive multiple orgasms. You will ejaculate, over and over again.

Woman wearing fishnet stocking with her hands behind her back. She is wearing leather handcuffs in a BDSM fashion.
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