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London Male Escort Reviews - What my clients say...

Louise, Farnborough

WhatsApp review of Male Escort, Jerome Brown from a very satisfied client.

Izzy, Battersea

Review of Jerome Brown,, from Izzy in Battersea.

Kate, Milton Keynes

Review of Male Escort, Jerome Brown, from Kate in Milton Keynes.

Hannah, Swanscombe

Review of Male Escort for Women, Jerome Brown, from Hannah in Swanscombe.

Francesca, Wimbledon

Review of Jerome Brown, from Francesca in Wimbledon.

Chloe, Covent Garden

WhatsApp review of Jerome Brown,, from Chloe in Covent Garden.

Anna, Finchley

Review of Male Escort Jerome Brown, from Anna in Finchley.

Claire, Ashford

Review of Jerome Brown, from Claire in Ashford.

Nina, Guildford

Review of Male Escort Jerome Brown, from Nina in Crawley.

Ash, Borehamwood

Review of Male Escort for Women, Jerome Brown. Review is from Ash in Borehamwood.

Catherine, Epsom

Review of Jerome Brown, from Catherine in Epsom.
Review of Jerome Brown, from Natasha in London.
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"I was searching for a yoni massage in Surrey I when found Jerome's website. I was very intrigued and really liked what I had read. He seemed different from all the other yoni massage therapists I came across, in a way that he seemed more relaxed and personal to me. After much thought I decided to book him for three hours, and I had the most amazing yoni massage I could ever have wished for. Jerome's number is now firmly saved in my phone."

Olivia, Surrey


"I needed a male escort to accompany me to a work function, and Jerome definitely made it a very pleasurable evening. He was polite and courteous and afterwards we went for dinner. Let's just say desert was the best part of the evening. Ladies, if you're looking for a charming male escort, look no further."
Zoe, London

"Booked Jerome for a night of passion in a top London hotel. WOW, what an amazing night we had! I lost count of the orgasms he gave me. Absolutely loves his yoni massage!"
Ashlee, London

"When Jerome says he is very well-endowed he certainly means it, lol. All I can say is when are you next available?

I want you now!!"
Sara, Essex

"I had never hired a male escort before so was quite nervous but I was really made to feel at ease. I will never forget the night we spent together. Thank you!"
Belinda, Manchester

"Jerome made me feel so special. I know he's a male escort, but he really made me feel like he was making love to me the entire night. I haven't felt that way for a long time."
Anne-Marie, Manchester

"I had been thinking about hiring a male escort for a long time, and found Jerome's website. After reading through it I was quite intrigued to say the least. I thought what is the harm in sending an email. We got chatting and arranged a meet. All I can say is what an amazing night ;)"
Lauren, Chiswick

"I was attending a business conference in Canary Wharf, got bored towards the end so I thought why not? I have never done anything like this before so just went on Google and did a search for a male escort. Found Jerome's website and arranged for him to meet me the following day. Wow, he sure can go for hours!"
Anke, Stuttgart

"Got chatting to Jerome on Facebook and he told me that he's a male escort. Well, from then on in I was very intrigued, so decided to meet him a week later for a couple of hours. He was fantastic and I highly recommend his services."
Georgia, London
"I initially just booked Jerome's services for a dinner date and massage. He managed to turn me on so much that I decided to explore what else he could do. Total satisfaction certainly is guaranteed."

Michelle, Kent
"If you are wanting to hire a male escort I suggest you look no further than Jerome."

Laura, Birmingham
"I came to London on business and needed a guy to show me around. Well her certainly did that alright. A truly mind-blowing experience!"

Jessica, New York
"Very intelligent and fun to be around. If you're wanting the services of a male escort, I can highly recommend"

Alice, Manchester
"You gave me the best massage I have ever had. I will definitely book you again"

Tina, Essex
"I flew into London to meet friends and family. A friend recommended Jerome's service, and I thought, why the hell not? Let me tell you he was no disappointment! He is an absolute trooper in the bedroom. Next time I'm in London I know who to call first."

Elanora, Sydney, Australia
"You are the only man who has ever made me ejaculate from oral sex alone. Fantastic!"

Debbie, London
"I can certainly vouch for all these reviews. You reached places I have never thought possible and I too squirted for the first time in my life."

Vicky, Essex
"I booked a hotel for a naughty weekend in London last Friday, and previously heard about Jerome's male escort service. We met and went out for a few drinks around Central London. He's really good company and fun to be around. As for what went on when we got back to the hotel room. I will let you find that out for yourself."

Louise, Romford
"I use this male escort service on a regular basis and I am never left disappointed."

Clara, Battersea
"Intense, Sensual, Erotic, Pleasurable, Amazing, Mind-blowing. These are all words I would use to describe my night with Jerome."

Catherine, Canary Wharf

"Arranged a meet with Jerome on the spur of the moment and was really nervous. I soon realised there was no need to be nervous at all. He is very relaxed and makes you feel at ease. A fantastic night."
Natalie, London
"If you are thinking about hiring a male escort, then all I can say is stop thinking about it and just go for it. You will not be disappointed with Jerome!"

Katie, Reading

"You are the first guy who has ever managed to make me squirt during an orgasm."
Millie, Kent

"I was looking for a yoni massage near Canary Wharf and up popped this website. He managed to make my evening a very special one indeed."
Natasha, Canary Wharf
"An amazing night, with an amazing male escort!"

Talia, Hammersmith
"I was spending a rainy evening at home and thought, why not? Well, within 2 hours he was at my door. You simply have to try his yoni massage"

Hayley, Norfolk
"You gave me everything I would expect from a male escort service, plus so much more."

Amy, Borough

"I booked Jerome to accompany me to a wedding. Great company and great conversation, and boy was I in for a treat once we got back to the hotel room. You STUD!"
Katherine, Hammersmith

"A very intriguing man."
Claire, Dollis Hill

"I had an amazing time with you, and i'm so glad my friend gave me your number." 
Laura, Ruislip

"I am happily married, but was getting bored sexually. Rather than having a damaging, emotional affair, (which was probably going to happen), I hired the most discreet services of Jerome instead, who travelled up to the north to meet me. Strangely enough, I think Jerome has saved my marriage, and there is no reason why my husband should ever find out and get hurt. I never in a million years thought I would pay for a male escort, but let me assure you that what you are getting here is very special indeed and worth every penny. I have never orgasmed so easily in my life, and like others, I have joined the "Jerome First Time Squirters Club". Fun, great company and a mind blowing lover.  I can’t wait to book him again. Jerome, you are a gift to woman-kind. Ladies, enjoy!"
Amanda, Manchester

"I had an amazing time with Jerome. He is attentive, listens to what you need, is excellent fun and great company.  I would highly recommend a night with him, you won’t be disappointed."
Louise, Beckenham

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