A woman paying for goods with her phone.

Tip me with Bitcoin

If you would like to tip me for whatever reason, or you would like to pay me for a pre-arranged webcam show, you can now do so with Bitcoin. If you have never paid with Bitcoin before, it is very easy to set up and completely safe. The reason I opt for this method of online tipping, is that it guarantees complete anonymity on both sides, so I will not have access to any of your personal details when you make payment.

If you are not sure on how to do this, you can do a search, 'How to pay someone with Bitcoin'.


I personally recommend using Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet to purchase Bitcoin, but you are of course free to use a digital wallet of your choice. Once purchased you can then transfer an amount of your choosing to my wallet address below.

Please note, if meeting me in person my preferred method of payment will always be cash. I will never ask you for Bitcoin in payment for my services. This is purely if you wish to tip me online and feel comfortable doing so with cryptocurrency.

Copy and paste the wallet address below, or alternatively you can scan the QR Code.