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Pink piggy bank against a white background.

Financial Domination for Men Who Visit My Website

I offer Findom, which stands for Financial Domination to men who visit my website. You know exactly who you are! You visit my website knowing that I only offer my Male Escorting Services to women, then proceed to WhatsApp me pretending to be a woman wanting to meet, or you tell me a bullshit story about your wife wanting to arrange a meet with me, yet when I ask to speak with her all I hear is excuse, after excuse, after excuse. In reality all you're doing is getting off on the talk, and fantasy of me fucking your wife whilst you sit there like a pathetic loser and watch me give her the pleasure you can only dream of giving her. She knows nothing of your filthy little fantasy of watching me making her cream over my BIG COCK.

You probably go to the toilet at work and wank over my gallery. You're probably in the toilets now when really you should be working. Does your wife know what you're up to? You loser!

This is what I want you to do - I want you to walk over to your wife, show her my website and press play on the video of me wanking below. Tell her what's really on your mind! Tell her you want to watch me fuck her to the point her pussy juices are dripping down my balls and down her arsehole on to the bed sheets.

My Findom Wishlist

Below you will find a selection of links to items I currently need to purchase, and yes you guessed right, YOU'RE PAYING! Why? Because the thought of my cock inside your wife's mouth is making you so hard you want to blow.

I need to replace two tyres on my car and pay for my car insurance to drive to your house to fuck your wife better than you will ever be able to, and yes, you're going to pay for them. They're not cheap, so you better hurry up, get your debit/credit card out, click the link below and pay up...

Buy Jerome 2 new tyres for his car

Pay for Jerome's car insurance for the year

This list is updated regularly so make sure you keep coming back to see what else you can pay for, you loser.

Jerome Brown's Huge Erect Penis.
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